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Florida Boat and Jet Ski Injury Lawyer

Holding Careless Boat Owners Responsible For Your Injuries

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife there is 941,589 registered vessels in Florida. Additionally, it is estimated that up to 1 million non-registered boats actively use Florida's waters.

  • The total number of registered vessels in Florida is 941,589 for2010 (40,881 below 2009 records)
  • There were 668 total reportable boating accidents in 2010.
  • Personal watercraft (PWC) account for 13% of all registered vessels in Florida.
  • PWC were involved in 19% of reported boating accidents.
  • 49% of PWC accidents involved a collision with another vessel
Individuals injured due to the negligence of a boat operator may be entitled to compensation in the form of payment of medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering associated with the accident.

In 2010 boaters falling overboard was the main cause of boating fatalities. This trend, although preventable, continues to grow.
  • 27% of the fatal accidents were falls overboard
  • 39%of the fatalities listed as drowning occurred on vessels less than 18 ft in length
  • The leading cause of death in fatal boating accidents was drowning (62%)
  • Deadliest month in 2010 was May
  • 22% of the boating fatalities were alcohol or drug related.
  • 89% of the victims of fatal boating accidents were males
  • The total fatality count for 2010 is 79
  • 21% of the fatal accidents involved non-motorized vessels.
If you have been injured in an accident while boating or when using an ATV or other recreational vehicle in Florida and need an experienced boat accident lawyer, call David J. Chesnut P.A.

Swift action on your injury claim can greatly increase your chances of success. Contact David J. Chesnut P.A , When Experience Matters. There is never a fee for a consultation.

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